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As a guitarist, I immediately laid eyes on the Peavey Raptor as probably the best value out there.  For a very low cost, you can get a very high quality guitar and a fairly decent sound! The Peavey Raptor is the best choice for those entry to mid level guitarist that want to play with a decent sound, while staying under a very tight budget. The paint job is nothing like the other low-cost guitars which look a lot like plastic; this finish is thin and lets you see the veins in the wood used for the body.

What really caught my attention was the combination of two single coil pickups with a humbucker bridge pickup. I naturally wanted to try it out right in the shop; I needed to know how it sounded. We plugged it in a small twenty-five Marshall amplifier and to my surprise, it actually sounded really good. Of course it was nothing like the tone of a Stratocaster or a Les Paul but at that price I couldn’t resist.  


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The moment I got home, I plugged my new Peavey Raptor in an amplifier to give it a true test run. The tone is a little light however the humbucker pickup gives it a little more depth. I found the strap holders to be a little weak; the one on the top actually came out last week, however it was fairly cheap to get fixed. Other than that small weakness this guitar is great for traveling without having to worry about losing your more expensive models.  

Compared to the guitars in its price range, the Peavey Raptor is in my opinion the most versatile. This is the one which had the best tone and sustain. The fret board on the Peavey Raptor was pretty much the same as the other guitars, although the Raptor’s body seemed to be a lot more durable. Being the owner of a Peavey Raptor of several months, I have had no problems what so ever with the hardware, everything appears to be made to last.  

I personally travel with it everywhere and it has had no problems so far. I highly recommend this guitar to anyone who is looking for a cheaper alternative, beginners or anyone looking for a backup guitar. 


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