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The Ibanez Xiphos had me hooked from the moment I saw it hanging on the wall at the guitar shop when I was younger. It had exactly what I was looking for in a heavier sounding guitar. The two DiMarzio D’activator hum bucker pickups really let you get that hard rock, heavy metal sound every rocker is looking for. The pickups deliver a very loud yet clean sound giving pinch harmonics so much more definition. Sustain that this guitar delivers is mind blowing to say the least. The violent crunchy tone makes this guitar great for lead guitarists, as well as rhythm. The body edges are very pronounced and sharp, with an inverted headstock this guitar looks like it was built for Metallica.

The quality of this guitar is worth every penny, although this guitar is not one of the most expensive around, it still delivers a high standard tone. I personally own one and love using it during live performances. The Ibanez Xiphos could sound terrible and you would still look cool strapped to this guitar on stage. Luckily this one sounds amazing; in fact when I plugged mine in for the first time I was so impressed by the quality that I decided to use it in the studio.

View Current Ibanez Xiphos Guitar Inventory

The feature I love most about any Ibanez guitar is definitely the wizard neck. The flatness of the fret board really facilitates rapid soloing and moving your fingers up and down. With twenty-four jumbo frets and a deep body curve, accessing the final frets becomes very easy.   

When plugged into a clean setting, the Ibanez Xiphos is truly spectacular. The possibilities are endless with this guitar, although this is made primarily for the metal genre. Another deciding factor when I bought this guitar was the great sound I could get from palm muting. With other guitars, you often get a muddy palm mute sound but with the Ibanez Xiphos they sound so loud and clean.

The edge 3 tremolo is pretty nice as well, with its double locking feature, the Ibanez Xiphos tends to stay in tune a lot longer. Very sensitive tremolo, combined with the killer tone gives the guitar player access to a bigger sound range.

This guitar looks like it would survive a plane crash. There is no doubt that the neck and body was built with durability in mind. My experience with the Ibanez Xiphos has always been great, if I were to lose it, I would definitely buy myself another one.   


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