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The Gibson SG is probably best known for its electrifying sound with famous Australian band AC/DC. Watching Angus Young play his very recognizable riffs on this masterpiece is nothing short of spectacular. The sound delivered by the Gibson SG is a very vintage and old school tone. With dual Alnico humbucker pickups, the tone stays heavy and thick although it always has a certain clean tone allowing every note to be heard no matter how thick it sounds. This guitar has a certain style to it that no other guitar has; it looks heavy yet is very comfortable making this guitar a great piece for live concerts. Very durable knobs and body, it’s an all around beauty which is made to last through the heaviest rock sessions.  

The body is made from mahogany and is shaped with a round bottom and spiked top. The inward curved edges at the top of the body allow easy access to the final frets on the fret board which really facilitates heavy soloing and sweeping. The 22 fret fingerboard is made out of the traditional rosewood however there is nothing average about it. The special curve gives a feeling of comfort and ease of access when playing.


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Nothing seems to come close to the feel of a Gibson SG fingerboard. The knobs are a little more complex than other world known classic guitars however they offer so much more when it comes to setting it up. With two volume knobs and two tone knobs, you can set up the volume and tone for each pickup individually. This feature allows you to play heavy yet smooth riffs and then going into a louder bright lead tone by switching the selector. This makes it ideal for live a performance which allows you to play without the normally required volume pedals. The Gibson SG is and always will be a classic guitar. The cost is pretty steep however it is worth every dime, buying an SG is like investing your money in a sure thing. The Gibson SG will never lose value. 

When you hear the name Gibson, you automatically know the guitar will be a great one. Gibson, being a leader in electric guitars has been a personal favourite of mine when it comes to playing live or in the studio. I would personally put the Gibson SG up there with the other classic series such as the Fender Stratocaster and the Gibson Les Paul.  


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