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The Gibson Les Paul Guitars are possibly the most played electric guitar in the world, is rivaled in popularity only by the Fender Stratocaster.  Contact us for a price quote.  We have several Gibson Les Paul Guitars for sale starting at $849.00.  


Just about every maker of electric guitars has a model based on the Gibson classic Les Paul shape and sound. Its musical history is deep and the model range since its inception in 1952 is impressive. In addition to their regular catalog, many “signature” versions are also available, from artists Jimmy Page and Sammy Hagar amongst many others.  

Named after the world-renowned guitarist Les Paul, and designed by Ted McCarty, this guitar has evolved through many variations. Its traditional set up has twin humbucker pickups, an ebony fretboard, and four control pots (two for volume and two for tone). The neck is removable on all models and quite interchangeable. Finishes vary from plain colors to the classic Gold top, also are some amazing and beautiful effects achieved by using for instance, Flame Maple for the body.  

View Current Gibson Les Paul Guitars For Sale 

In comparison to many electric guitars, the Les Paul is a heavy guitar. Professional players often use a wide strap for this reason. This is due to the amount of metal/pickup hardware and mainly the density of the wood used for the body. High density wood enhances the sustain characteristics of solid- body guitars. The Les Paul has exceptional sustain capabilities which makes it so popular for guitar solos in rock music.  

In all there are 30 base models available. About 10 are in continuous production. Many older versions have been re-released and due to demand, Gibson introduced a basic range (named the “Studio” range) with no decoration and limited paint styles. These are still made and are the best buy for the price conscious. They play and sound identical to models costing 5 times more.  

For those performing or want a better looking axe - or maybe just those with big wallets - the custom shop at Gibson will produce a Les Paul to any specification. Typical modifications might be decorative with band logos embedded in the paintwork, a change in pickup choice or the addition of active electronics. There are many rare custom Les Paul guitars out there. 

Whichever style is played, from blues to jazz through to rock and contemporary pop, the Les Paul has become a world standard to compete with. Its reliability, sustain and appealing shape has made it the most popular electric guitar of all time. 


View Current Gibson Les Paul Guitars For Sale