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Learn more and view the Fender Stratocaster Guitars for sale below.  The classic sound of a Fender Stratocaster (also known as the “Strat”) is instantly recognizable by musicians and fans worldwide. This guitar was developed from the Telecaster by Leo Fender and his designers in 1954. This guitar has a unique shape and sound that is copied by other manufacturers the world over.   

With its legendary maple neck and single coil pickups, the Stratocaster can produce a stunning range of sounds. It has been used by just about every famous guitarist from Eric Clapton, Dave Gilmour and Mark Knopfler to name but a few. Jimi Hendrix played a Stratocaster but he was left handed and when younger could not afford a left-handed guitar, so he bought a used right-handed version, pulled the nut off and turned it around, then strung the instrument in reverse and played it upside down. He played like that through most of his career!  

Fender Stratocaster Guitars for sale starting at 400.00 used! 


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View Current Fender Stratocaster Guitars For Sale


Guitar Features 

The Fender Stratocaster guitar features a tremolo bar which allows the player to “bend” all the strings so very poignant guitar solos can be created. The Floyd Rose patented tremolo system is widely used on millions of guitars. 

The single coil pickup system has more treble than the humbucker style on the Gibson, biting and haunting musical phrases can be easily achieved through the 3-pickup design, and a 5-way selector allow many selections of pickup combinations available to be used.  

During the early eighties, Fender came up with the Squier series of instruments. Based on the classic US-made Stratocaster, this Mexican, then later Japanese version had all the same build specification but cheaper and sometimes inferior, components. 

The decoration on a Fender is minimal. No abalone or bound edges or fingerboards. Older used versions commonly have varnish worn completely off the neck. This is not considered a problem but more a sign of heavy use. Colors are traditionally pastel shades but over the years Fender have produced all types of colors and finishes. 

The neck of a Strat is fairly unique as it has a distinctly curved fretboard similar to but not as extreme as violin, whose bow must usually only touch one string at a time. This makes the fretboard feel a bit more natural to the left hand makes string bending easier. 

The unique sound and design of the Stratocaster render it immortal in the world of electric guitars, a popular design that has easily stood the test of time. 


View Current Fender Stratocaster Guitars For Sale